How to Use Bookmarks to Streamline Your Work

Switching tasks is one of the most time-consuming things we can do. When you are a consultant, this becomes even more evident, as you not only need to change tasks in many situations – you also need to change clients. To make these transitions go as smoothly as possible, I work with a few different tactics. One of them is that I have a bookmark folder for each customer, which I can use to open relevant tabs in one click when I switch to that customer. This way, there will be much less time used to context switch between customers, as a lot of navigation disappears. I will explain how this works, step by step.

How to Use Bookmarks to Streamline Your Work

To make this as effective as possible, I use Chrome and Bookolio. If you use something else, you may try to translate this to that browser.


1. List the services you use for all customers

Start by listing all the general services you use to work with each customer. It could be for example email, Google Drive, Asana, Google Data Studio, Google Analytics and Facebook.

2. Think about what is unique about the customer

Once you have made the list that is general to all customers, you move on to what is unique to the customer. For example, it could be their site and CMS login, or else. List these as well.

3. Create a bookmark folder for each customer

When you are done with the lists, navigate to Google Chrome and create a folder for each customer. In addition to the customers, I have 3 extras; one called General, one named Naes & Friends (hence our company name) and one named Tools.

In the General folder I add links such as email, project management and invoicing. In Naes & Friends, you’ll find links such as our intranet and our site. In Tools, I add links to tools like Facebook Debugger.

4. Save all URL:s in the respective folders

When all the folders are ready, I navigate to all the sites I listed for each customer in steps 1 and 2, and save them for each customer. After I’m done with that, I have a folder with links needed to start working with each customer. To make this even better, you can read this article on how I’ve set up my email to increase efficiency.

5. Install Bookolio

If you don’t have Bookolio installed, do install it! It will show you all the folders above, each time you open a new tab or browser window. It’s more efficient, as well as it helps you get into the routine of using folders as you navigate between different clients.

6. Make a switch in two clicks

Each time you change to a new customer, open a new browser window with that customer’s URLs in two clicks.


When you’re done, you have two things to start a customer with. Either from bookolio by hovering over the name of the folder.

Or via the bookmarks bar by cmd clicking on the name of the folder.

Good luck!

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