How to Use Bookmarks to Streamline Your Work


Switching tasks is one of the most time-consuming things we can do. When you are a consultant, this becomes even more evident, as you not only need to change tasks in many situations – you also need to change clients. To make these transitions go as smoothly as possible, I work with a few different tactics. One of them is that I have a bookmark folder for each customer, which I can use to open relevant tabs in one click when I switch to that customer. This way, there will be much less time used to context switch between customers, as a lot of navigation disappears. I will explain how this works, step by step.

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How We Measure Our Website’s Performance


Living as you learn isn’t always easy. We’ve been lucky – since we started our current business, we’ve been fully occupied. It’s been two years. Throughout that period, there has been no time to think about our own site and communication. Until – suddenly it happens! One of our major clients, Hyundai Sweden, moved to Malmö and decided to do everything in-house. This gave us time to launch our site. Of course, we miss them, but we’re glad for the extra time!

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7 Easy Ways to Make Your Google Data Studio Reports Look Better


Google Data Studio is a great tool to get an overview of your most important metrics, and great when you want to present data to those who don’t work in the field. Its visual outline makes it easy to understand for almost anyone. Here are 7 recent updates Google has done to Google Data Studio, to additionally increase the appeal:

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