15 Tips From Johannes Hansen That Changed My Life


Last year I visited YEoS (Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden) annual congress. YEoS is a network of 200 young Swedish entrepreneurs who all have a dream to build something bigger than themselves. At this year’s annual congress, it was one presentation that affected me more than others. It was Johannes Hansen, Sweden’s foremost mental trainer, who talked about stress. I made lots of notes! He has picked up the tips by working with high achievers in sports and business, focusing on their stress and rehab programs. Below, I will tell you how I have implemented them!

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How to Reach Your goals – 5 Tips From a Coach


As a coach, I work with helping my clients set goals, but above all to achieve them. Anyone can dream big can, but actually getting to where you want is more difficult. However, there’s nothing that says you a coach is necessary to do just that. A tip is to first do what you can to achieve your goals on your own, and then have someone else help you. If that person is a coach or a friend is up to you, but it’s always good to dare to talk about your dreams with someone else, to really paint a picture of them.

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5 Tips If You Feel Lonely in Your Role As a Digital Marketer


Having someone to juggle your work with is incredibly valuable, but there’s no guarantee you’ve got a colleague you can turn to. In many workplaces, only one or a few people work with digital marketing. In that scenario, it can be nice to get support elsewhere. Here are 5 ways I’ve tried!

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Personal Development At Work – This Is How We Do It


“People have an inborn will to grow, get challenged and to do something meaningful,” says psychologist Niklas Laninge in an interview. Studies have shown that we thrive at our job when we get the opportunity to develop and to make a difference. However, this doesn’t only apply for our professional life, but also our private life. That’s why we work with a PDP – Personal Development Plan.

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