How to Assign a Financial Role To Facebook Business Manager


Page roles on Facebook can be quite difficult to understand. Even though you are an admin, you may not have access to editing any financial information. Why? Because you also need to have a Financial role. Yeah, it's confusing... Either way, you are in a situation where you want to give someone a Facebook Business Manager Financial role, and have realized that it is not the most intuitive thing to do. Don’t you worry! We walk you through how to do it, step by step.

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This Is Why Your Business Should Use Pinterest


With over 300 million visitors every month, Pinterest is a great opportunity for your business to reach more people and to stand out from competitors. As users are actively searching for products they are interested in, and posts have a longer lifespan than on other social media platforms, Pinterest is perfect for businesses.

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A Guide To LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads


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A Summary of HubSpot's Social Media Marketing Course


Are you thinking about getting a Social Media Marketing Certification from HubSpot Academy? During 4 hours, you get to deep dive into how you can shape the conversation around your company, create loyalty and attract new customers. All the things we love! If 4 hours seems like a lot of time to spare, we’ve summarized the main takeaways from the course, so that you can take your social media channels to the next level.

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