5 Things I Bring With Me From Writing Camp


“How great would it be to combine writing with yoga?” That was my exact thought when I heard about a writing and yoga camp at Asphyttan Metta House. To me, it felt natural to put this year’s educational budget on it! I love writing and write a lot at work, but never any fiction. My expectation before attending the camp was mainly that I would be inspired start writing fiction again, because I rarely do it anymore. In retrospect, I can say that the camp lived up to and exceeded my expectations. Here are five things this writing camp taught me:

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How to Successfully Accomplish a Social Media Photo Shoot


Working with social media is almost synonymous with always needing new pictures. As a consultant, you quickly notice that the availability of materials varies tremendously between different customers. Some are provided with global support, others are good at arranging photo shoots themselves, and a third uses stock photos almost exclusively. However, in all those scenarios, situations have arisen where we need a certain type of image that does not exist. That is why we have organized many photographs – and gotten pretty good at it. Here are our top tips regarding what to keep in mind, to do so successfully.

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This Is Why You Should Have a Business Profile On Instagram and How to Create One


Does it really matter whether or not you have a business profile on Instagram or not? It sure does! With a business profile, you’ll get access to tons of important stats about your stories, posts and followers. Let us explain how!

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Why You Should Have a Complete Facebook Business Page and How You Do It


It may come as a shock, but Facebook is not only used to tag friends in funny videos or to keep track of people’s birthdays. Facebook is often the channel we turn to when we need to find information about a person, a company or a specific place. Therefore, it is important to include all the information a page visitor might want to find out about you. Not sure what to include on your page? We’ve listed the most important things.

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3 Inbound Marketing Stats to Benchmark Towards


In August this year, the whole Naes & Friends team decided to take the Inbound Certification Course from HubSpot (and we’re all certified now – yay). One thing we acquired from the course was some interesting numbers to benchmark your inbound process towards. I thought I would share this with you! All data comes from studies made by HubSpot.

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5 Simple Steps to Make Your YouTube Channel Look Great


YouTube keeps increasing in popularity, and we continue to watch more and more videos. As YouTube expands, you want to be sure your presence there is as excellent as on any other platform. In addition to creating awesome videos for your channel, you want the channel itself to look amazing. Here are a few simple steps you can take to create an awesome channel.

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This is How Erik Got 10,000 Followers in 1 Year


Erik Fellman is a food instagrammer, SEO expert and a real marketing hacker. His account Foodieallin has 16,000 followers on Instagram, which constantly gives him new opportunities. Among other things, he has written a chapter in a guidebook, traveled on a press trip to Northern Ireland, and is constantly receiving invitations to try out new restaurants.

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