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We believe that in the end, entrepreneurship is about building relationships and giving a clear picture of your company. With authentic images, you can, in a short amount of time and in a trustworthy way, convey who you are and what you do best. We at Naes & friends are happy to help with all types of photography according to your wishes, for example, product photos, event photography, or staff portraits.

We will help you with:

  • Product photography (studio or on-location)

  • Portrait photography (studio or on-location), e.g. personal, fashion, cosmetics

  • Event photography, e.g. for book releases, inaugurations, parties.

  • Interior photography

  • Food and beverage photography

  • Stop motion photography

  • Lifestyle photography

  • Landscape photography

For 2 years, we have completed countless projects together and few consultants are so reliable, professional and driven. If you are looking for a resource that always delivers, use Naes & Friends!

Anders Nordling

Anders Nordling

Digital Marketing Manager at Hyundai Sverige

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