We help you increase the dialogue and traffic to your own channels using engaging content.


Organic marketing

Want to talk directly with your customers? Then social media is the way to go! Build a relationship, have them engage with you, and make sure that when they visit your website, it aligns with what they learned in your social channels. Sounds like a lot to manage? We’ll do it for you, then! We’ll help with things such as:

  • Planning, creating and scheduling content
  • Choosing what social channels are relevant to your brand
  • Proactively develop the content on your website
  • Increasing your organic traffic using SEO
  • Reaching your business goals using SoMe and your website
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I have worked with digital development; both sites, systems and strategies since leaving university, even though I am an educated economist. I have run 5 companies, lived in 3 three countries and launched 15 sites. You can sum it up as I have ants in my pants!

Annelie Näs, Founder & Ninja
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