We help you increase your revenue with the help of performance-based marketing!


Performance marketing

Want to lower your marketing costs while raising your ROI, return on investment? Then performance marketing sounds like just the right choice for you! Through performance marketing, you only pay for an achievement, for example that someone from an ad clicks into your site or makes a purchase on your site. Smart, right? Will help you with:

  • Reach your desired target audience at the right time in their buying journey
  • Choose the right ads and the right channels for your goals
  • Customize the communication based on your target audience
  • Optimize the reach of your channels
  • Develop strategies for your leads
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I have worked with digital development; both sites, systems and strategies since leaving university, even though I am an educated economist. I have run 5 companies, lived in 3 three countries and launched 15 sites. You can sum it up as I have ants in my pants!

Annelie Näs, Founder & Ninja
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