Advertise on Facebook 

Advertising on Facebook is one of the easiest and most accurate ways to reach your target audience!

How? Because marketers are offered the opportunity to tailor ads to audiences based on data that Facebook has.

Using Facebook's data, it is easier than ever to spend your advertising budget on the right thing, that is, people who most likely want to buy the products or service you are advertising for. Convenient, right - but it gets even better!

In Ads Manager, Facebook's advertising tool, you can choose whether you want to pay per impression or per conversion, meaning that you only pay when the goals of your campaign are fulfilled!

Ads Manager also allows for you to set a cost ceiling for your budget. You can choose to either set a maximum amount spent per day. You can also choose to set a maximum amount that runs throughout the entire campaign. This is super convenient since your budget can never be exceeded.

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How we work with Facebook Ads

Do you also want to discover how efficient it is to advertise through Facebook?

Our experts can guide you on how to use the platform in the best way possible, or if you prefer; leave the responsibility of advertising through Facebook to our knowledgeable consultants!

If we are responsible for your Facebook advertising, we can measure your campaigns while they’re active and adjust the ads during the campaign to gain even better results!


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