Advertise on Instagram 

Instagram is a platform that gives marketers many choices when creating ads.

You can, for example, choose whether you want to advertise through an image or image series, which is positive because the ad then blends in naturally in people's feeds.

You can also use video to advertise on Instagram, which is beneficial for catching people's attention.

Using Instagram stories for placing your ads has its advantages since the ad will be shown on the entire screen.

Advertising through Instagram is a good choice for most companies. Perhaps the platform is extra suitable for companies that, for example, work with visual communication or want to highlight photos or videos as part of their advertising.

Instagram is primarily a photo and video platform, but that does not mean that you need extraordinary photos to advertise there!

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How Instagram Ads work 

Ads are published through Ads Manager, which is the same advertising tool that Facebook uses. Therefore, you have large amounts of data to base your target audience on, which increases your chances of achieving your sales goals. 

Instagram is the world's second most popular social medium and has a younger audience than other platforms. 

Does Instagram sound like the right platform for you and your business to advertise on? Great! If you want help along the way, we are here for you. 

Whether you want to be coached on how to best create and target your ads, or if you would rather leave full responsibility to us. There are many benefits of using experts when advertising on social media, as we make sure your ads are optimized for success!


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