Advertise on LinkedIn 

Do you work for a company where the target audience is people with specific professions or who work in certain industries? Then LinkedIn is the perfect platform for you!

As the world's largest business network, LinkedIn is the perfect choice for companies who work B2B, or for campaigns that aim to reach people with a certain title, for example.

What are the advantages of advertising through LinkedIn? The platform offers a different type of data to base the target group on, compared to, for example, Facebook.

Among other things, you can base the target group on industry, type of company, and title. This makes LinkedIn an especially suitable place to advertise on if you want to reach, for example, marketing managers or people who work within fintech. 


How LinkedIn Ads work 

The thing that is special about LinkedIn, is that your ads compete with other ads. This means that the results of your ads may be affected by the competition from similar ads.

To handle this, you can use marketing automation, which is automated bidding that is based on machine learning and aims to achieve the best results possible for your ads. Otherwise, you can set your maximum cost for the campaign manually.

To summarize, you have great control over your budget using LinkedIn. It's a little more expensive to advertise on LinkedIn, compared to Facebook or Instagram. But on the other hand, as a marketer, you have great chances of reaching your target group!

If you are unsure how to get started with LinkedIn advertising, we are happy to help you. Our consultants are experts on LinkedIn Ads! We can either help you by guiding you on how to best use the platform, or we can handle the advertising completely for you - you can choose what suits you best!


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