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YouTube Ads gives your business opportunities for video advertising where you reach your specific target audience.Therefore, YouTube has designed a category system to target your ad to your desired audience. Among other things, the system allows you to specify which demographic group you want to reach. You are also given the opportunity to segment visitors based on life events, such as pregnancy or marriage. Best of all - you only pay when someone chooses to watch your ad for more than 30 seconds, or actually interacts with it. 

According to YouTube, shorter ads often have higher view rates. Therefore, keep your message brief. In order to optimize your campaign properly, it could be helpful to look at the ads' display rate and their CPV, which is the average cost per view. Sounds complicated? Let us help you out! We can produce, distribute, and optimize video ads for you.


We will help you:

  • We will help you:

  • Advertise via Youtube Ads

  • Choose the right audience for your video campaign

  • Evaluate and optimize

Optimize and analyze

Social media is constantly evolving and changing. Therefore it is important to remember that your channel and your content also have to do that. We look at which campaigns have generated the most leads and what types of posts have received the most engagement - simply what works best for you. Our recommendations are always customized based on your brand, so you can achieve your goals. 

For 2 years, we have completed countless projects together and few consultants are so reliable, professional and driven. If you are looking for a resource that always delivers, use Naes & Friends!

Anders Nordling

Anders Nordling

Digital Marketing Manager at Hyundai Sverige


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