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Web management 

Developing and maintaining a great website requires a lot of resources, knowledge, and experience. Once you're finished with developing your site; you're not really finished. There is always work to do, things to improve, and ways to make your site more user-friendly in order to increase your conversions and make the experience for your customers the best possible! We will help you: 

  • Make your website user-friendly 
  • Act as web managers or web editors
  • Help you set requirements for developing a new site 
  • Developing your current site
  • Create content to post on your site 


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I have worked with digital development; both sites, systems and strategies since leaving university, even though I am an educated economist. I have run 5 companies, lived in 3 three countries and launched 15 sites. You can sum it up as I have ants in my pants!

Annelie Näs, Founder & Ninja
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