I read the rules - then I break them

I grew up in Alingsås, but when asked where I come from, I have many answers. I come from all the places I have lived.

Like when I moved to Gothenburg and had not yet gotten my childhood dreams of becoming a lawyer destroyed. Yes, I might have been an old soul as a child who wanted to become a lawyer. And yes, I might also have started saving for retirement when I was 16. It’s not wrong to be prepared. When I started studying the law, I realized… that it was dead boring. So I moved to Jönköping and studied media and communication instead, which suited me much better. During my studies, I also lived in Canada for a short while to study creative writing. The most recent moving truck went to Stockholm where I started as an intern at Naes & Friends. We were a good match, and now I’m hired as Junior Social Media and Content Manager at the company.

I love building strong and unique brands by delivering personalized content that hovers on a higher level than the everyday media noise. Personality and originality are my guiding stars in everything I create. And the best content is created when you dare to break the rules a little.

I have previously worked as a reporter for Bonnier News Local. Journalism is perhaps the best school in writing, ingenuity, variety, and storytelling. Local journalism is also comically varied; one day you interview politicians, the next day you report about cows on the run. Wondering what I preferred most to write about? The cows of course.

When people describe me, they often say that I am happy, energetic, and have a disproportionate appetite for food. I agree with everything! When I'm not working you'll probably find me on the yoga mat, at the gym where I'm a spinning instructor, or in bed reading with a cup of coffee in hand.

3 fun facts about me:

  1. I’ve had almost every hair color possible. Blonde, brown, black, purple, red, pink strips. And yes; I looked awful most of the time. Today, however, I am blonde again. Heard they have more fun.

  2. I'm a retired riding girl. I’ve had five horses in total growing up. However, the riding helmet lies on the shelf now, since a couple of years back. 

  3. I'm obsessed with goals, there is nothing better than noticing myself and my life developing positively. In 2019, I had 32 New Year's resolutions.

I'm quick. Like really quick. No matter what I do: eat, walk, shower, work, read. You barely have time to see me. I'm already way past you. 

Currently trying to improve:
Slowing down my pace. 

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Andrea Bille Pettersson